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Oasis Youth Shelter

It Isn't Over Yet

by chasitymoody on May 23, 2007

Just because the Mother’s day matching program is done doesn’t mean you can’t get your donation matched. The original donation matching program is still in effect until July 13th. So, if you missed out on turning your single donation into 3, don’t worry. You can still turn your donation into two. I will match any […]


Mother's Day

by chasitymoody on May 12, 2007

This whole Book Drive thing started out as a birthday present to my mom. She told me about the kids she worked with during her field work in her social work courses. It was obvious that she couldn’t get the kids out of her mind. As I listened to her, it occurred to me; how […]

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The Book Drive Gets its Own Page

May 7, 2007

We are getting a second wind here guys. It seems some of you are really taking my matching challenge to heart. And for that I am more than grateful. What’s a better word than grateful? How about beholden? Or, maybe much obliged? There has to be a better way to tell you how much I […]

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More On Journals

April 30, 2007

We all journal. I seriously doubt that anyone who is visiting this site does not keep a journal of some kind. I know it because I personally, only started visiting blogs because my own journalling habit. I’m no novice when it comes to the internet. I’ve been reading and posting in the online community since […]

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My First Journal

April 28, 2007

Mine was an 80 page spiral notebook. It was yellow. I got it because the only other colors left were red and green. There was only one yellow. I filled it with my self important scribbles. I felt so smart being able to control the words as they were written down. It was like I […]

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A Simply Wonderful Idea

April 21, 2007

There are books that I love to read over and over again. I don’t know why. Sometimes I think its the sense of the familiar. Other times I think its because the work was just that good. And then other times its just plain comforting. Mostly, its entertaining. Like most people who love to read […]

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April 17, 2007

I know you guys have probably been wondering what is going on with the book drive. I haven’t written about it lately because I’ve been working out some new incentives as well as trying to develop a new contact at the shelter. Turns out my mom is now my official contact as she has begun […]

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Timing Really is Everything

October 21, 2006

I was recently contacted by doppelganger. She was instrumental in helping me get the word out about the book drive. She simply wanted to check in and see how things were going. I have to tell you that I’ve just been shipping one or two boxes each week without really thinking about it. But, I […]

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There is still more work to do

September 10, 2006

As I post this, 20 more books have been shipped from the Wish List, and I have personally shipped over 200 books. My work is no where near done. I have many more people to beg for books and many more books waiting to be shipped. Those of you have been nice enough to send […]

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It's Completely Self-Centered

August 18, 2006

It totally is. I know it but I can’t stop it. I know that the reason I am doing the book drive is because I want to touch that one girl who is the way I was at her age. I know it. I know its why I talk up this book drive as much […]

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