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August 2006

It's Completely Self-Centered

by chasitymoody on August 18, 2006

It totally is. I know it but I can’t stop it. I know that the reason I am doing the book drive is because I want to touch that one girl who is the way I was at her age. I know it. I know its why I talk up this book drive as much […]


You're Doing It. You're Really Doing It.

by chasitymoody on August 17, 2006

You guys rock so hard there should be a new word for rock. I just heard from Amy that the books have been coming in non-stop since Doppelganger and Dr. John started directing people to this site and the wish list. Keep it up. There are plenty of kids who will really appreciate these books. […]


Just Write it on Your Hand

August 13, 2006

Yes. Write it on your hand. I picked this little trick up from a friend I met in college. For some reason, even if you never look at it again and wash it off later, you won’t forget something you have written on your hand. I wonder if it has to do with all those […]

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More books and a Huge Thank You

August 11, 2006

The book drive is well under way. I have been hounding my friends to clean off their shelves and it seems to be working. I have also set up an Amazon wish list (link is to the right of this post) for those of you who want to donate that way. I personally want to […]

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My First Time

August 2, 2006

It was a very hot summer. When you live in Mobile, Alabama, you know that the summers are hot. You know it, but its still very surprising when it happens. Suddenly, your clothes are sticking to you and you can smell the heat and wetness of the air. Drinking water doesn’t help. Sitting on a […]

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