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October 2006

Timing Really is Everything

by chasitymoody on October 21, 2006

I was recently contacted by doppelganger. She was instrumental in helping me get the word out about the book drive. She simply wanted to check in and see how things were going. I have to tell you that I’ve just been shipping one or two boxes each week without really thinking about it. But, I […]


Another Totally Random Entry

by chasitymoody on October 9, 2006

I love that Homer’s friends always thought Marge was hot-except for that unfortunate episode about Marge doing the bodybuilding thing- because I like knowing that Marge had confirmation about her ability to do better. But, she still chose Homer.


And Now for Something Totally Random

October 6, 2006

Meet Charlotte. WARNING: If spiders in any form freak you out, you may want to to look away. But, just so you know, they freak me out too. The only reason I was brave enough to take the picture was all the glass between me and the spider. Charlotte built a web on the outside […]

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