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April 2007

More On Journals

by chasitymoody on April 30, 2007

We all journal. I seriously doubt that anyone who is visiting this site does not keep a journal of some kind. I know it because I personally, only started visiting blogs because my own journalling habit. I’m no novice when it comes to the internet. I’ve been reading and posting in the online community since […]


My First Journal

by chasitymoody on April 28, 2007

Mine was an 80 page spiral notebook. It was yellow. I got it because the only other colors left were red and green. There was only one yellow. I filled it with my self important scribbles. I felt so smart being able to control the words as they were written down. It was like I […]

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A Simply Wonderful Idea

April 21, 2007

There are books that I love to read over and over again. I don’t know why. Sometimes I think its the sense of the familiar. Other times I think its because the work was just that good. And then other times its just plain comforting. Mostly, its entertaining. Like most people who love to read […]

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April 17, 2007

I know you guys have probably been wondering what is going on with the book drive. I haven’t written about it lately because I’ve been working out some new incentives as well as trying to develop a new contact at the shelter. Turns out my mom is now my official contact as she has begun […]

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