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Like Books? Check this Out!

by chasity.moody on February 20, 2012

When I first started preparing to do the Cannonball Read IV, I asked for recommendations from friends, and I signed up for Goodreads, and I even sent Facebook status updates and questions on Twitter.

It’s daunting to imagine having to review 26-52 books when all you have is a library card and a love of reading. So, I wanted people to recommend things for me. It was my way of spreading the work around, if you will. I realized immediately what the problem was. I was looking for books to review and not looking for books to read. And, the two aren’t the same thing by a long shot.

When looking for books to read, I take a recommendation, read it and either enjoy it or not. When looking for books to review, I take a recommendation, read it with a hugely critical eye, and feel like I’m not doing the right thing if I don’t actually write the review.

And, that’s ridiculous. Because I took this challenge for two reasons: 1. AlabamaPink. And, 2. I love to read, it’s almost pathological.

So, I regrouped. I went back to the Cannoballread IV site. It was kind of my version of going back to the drawing board. And, I found all of these reviews about books that I have and haven’t read. And it was just so nice to see so many people enjoying books. My assumption was that this wasn’t for the challenge so much as it was about the books. And, you guys know that I am all about the books.

And, that’s the point of this post.

I read. I read all the time. Whether it’s books, blogs, news sites, or random things like the back of cereal boxes, I am always looking for something new to read. And, when I joined this challenge, I assumed that it would be about my reviews and getting them done. In other words, I assumed it was all about me (a very easy mistake for any blogger to make).

I forgot that it was all about the books. So, if you like books (any genre), check out Cannonball Read IV. You won’t be sorry. With so many of us reviewing, you are bound (see what I did there?) to find a work that you will want to read. Or, you will engage in a dialog about how much you hated or loved something you have already read.

It’s a win/win.

But, don’t just check out the site, leave them some feedback. Leave a comment or Tweet them to let them know that you enjoyed a review, or that you disagreed with a review. It’s all about the sharing and the love of books. So, let’s keep it going.

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